Unconditional Arms - Universal Completion

In my experience, silence consistently points towards a notion of completion or conclusion. "No response is a response" has been a staple in my psyche as I adventure further into this life and it applies here. Those ideas have pushed the narrative that this project has come to a close. It has not. 

The past few years have been challenging in ways that are difficult to put into words. The circumstances and changes in my life continually led me back to asking myself where the value was in anything whatsoever. During that time period, I was using whatever excuse I could to curb a mounting sense depression and anger. I successfully worked on some of my other music projects, but all the while I’ve held a fleeting poison in my stomach. My incremental amount positive energy left over was spent trying to operate as an acceptable father, husband and friend. I couldn't focus on this project with such a bleak outlook dominating my day-to-day. 

Earlier this year, something shook me. Terrible things tend to do that. Lending hints of perspective on everything as it slowly burns down your bedroom. I had to face the reality that my world is held together by a fraying string, that any moment, could snap. I was forced to become a stronger, more focused, and driven person to push through a sick joke this cruel world played on me. That forced responsibility turned out to be just what I needed to start viewing things differently. Now that the dust has settled from those events, I am finally able to have clarity on what I have been neglecting about my personality and how it creates an unrecognizable + inflamed sense of self. I am seeing how much of myself I have wasted in some dark bar trying to handle what's going in my life rather than using the coping mechanism that I have been developing for close to 18 years. I am finally able to see the avenue towards becoming stronger for myself, once again.

Universal Completion is the second full-length album from this project and I've been working on it for the past 3 years or so. It will come out on November 2nd, my the day of 13 year anniversary with the love of my life. The recording is comprised of collaborations with my friends and soul mates (I love you guys) at points, but, the honest truth is that the silent work on its completion that has taken place over the past few months has saved me from myself - something I've desperately needed. 

This first tracks are named "Four Fold"' and "Substantial Phenomena". They will be on all streaming services within the month. They are combined in this steam because that's how I'd like them heard. Individual track links are below. No current plans for a physical release because I didn't want to delay this any longer, but, that's not to say there will not be one. 

Artists spend a great deal of time, energy (and frankly) money to push their releases to get to the largest crowd. I have personally worked with a few different PR firms over the years to push projects for premieres for occasions like this. This record may see some of that, but gone are the days where I’m doing this for anything other than retaining my sanity and humanity. I enjoy the value added to the experience of having a track come out on a popular website, but the future of this project will rely on my ability spend time focusing on writing, composition and performance rather than those other things. With that said, any/all sharing of the project, this record, the work my friends and I do and have done here, is truly and honestly appreciated. 

If you've read this far, I applaud your patience. If you've been waiting for this record, I appreciate your patience. I'm sorry I've missed some of your orders, I'll be trying to catch up on those soon. My attention to this project has been poor and I apologize. Hopefully what comes next will make up for it. 





1. Not Without Praise

2. Four Fold

3. Substantial Phenomena

4. Razor  

5. Familiar Flower

6. Carcinogen

7. Westbrae Sunrise (fin)

8. Twice as Fast

9. Fever Basin

10. Everything Burned Off


Tracked between The (late) Secret Bathroom in Oakland, CA and Jeff's home studios in Oakland + Richmond, CA

Engineered by Andy Oswald and Jeff Wright

Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Wright

Contributing players: Alex Onate, Christopher Sturm, Tyler Thalken, Randy Staat, Ross Traver

Cover Photo by Rachel Pozivenec and Dalton Townsend